Travel To The Gambia РWest Africa 

Flag of the Gambia

Facts About Gambia

The Gambia, bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean and Senegal, gained its independence from the UK in 1965. It is known as the home of the Juffure Village, where Mr. Alex Haley traced his ancestry.

As a former British colony, the official language is English, but Mandinka, Wolof, Fula, and other indigenous vernaculars are widely spoken.

The climate is tropical, with a hot, rainy season between June and November; and a cooler, dry season between November and May.

Industries: fish

Islam is practiced by 90% of the population, Christianity 9%, and indigenous beliefs 1%.

Tourist Attractions

In the Gambia exists the cultural Juffure Village, which is the home of Kunta Kinte, Mr. Alex Haley’s ancestry from the story “Roots.”

Location of Gambia

Gambia is located in Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and Senegal. Banjul is the capital. It is almost twice the size of the state of Delaware in the US. Click here to see a map of Gambia.


The dalasi is the currency in the Gambia. The rate of exchange is $1 = approximately 28 Delasi. For actual conversion rates, visit and perform a conversion for the ‘Gambian Delasi.’

Requirements for Entry

Passport and visa are required. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required also.