Logistics Management for General Contractors

Global has increased its services to include logistics management and support for General Contractors for construction projects, applying our transferable skills and expertise from event planning and management to the construction industry.


Support services for General Contractors play a pivotal role in the success of a project - remaining on target for meeting goals and objectives within budget, staffing adequately to complete on-time, and adhering to corporate and government compliance.

Project Management
  • Strategic planning for execution of project time-lines
  • Development and management of project plans
  • Management of sub-contractors and third-party vendors
  • Written proposals and management of customer feedback
  • Mass communications to project stakeholders and sub-contractors
  • Press releases announcing project impacts to communities
  • Compliance tracking for meeting government regulations
  • Record keeping of certified¬†sub-contractors hired
  • Reconciliations of expense accounts for meeting budgets


To learn more about general contracting, we trained for five months with MBDI (www.minoritybdi.org) to learn from industry professionals about industry-specific topics such as insurance and bonding, estimating, QuickBooks accounting, bid preparation, contract law, as well as how to increase construction opportunities, productivity, and future profitability. From this experience, we have gained a greater understanding of the industry needs. As a result, we have identified specific services that we already provide and some transferable skills that can support this industry.