Project Management for General Contractors

Project Management for General Contractors

We streamline project management and logistics support for General Contractors to ensure that their construction project milestones and completions occur on schedule.


Project management and other professional services support for General Contractors play a pivotal role in the success of a construction project - for remaining on target and meeting goals and objectives within budget, for staffing adequately to complete projects on-time, and for adhering to corporate and government compliance.

Project Management
  • Strategic planning for the execution of project time-lines
  • Development and management of project plans
  • Management of sub-contractors and third-party vendors
  • Execution of important administrative tasks
    • Solicitations succinctly conveying vendor needs
    • Competitive proposals winning strategic bid partnerships
    • Customer feedback transparent for stakeholders
    • Outreach disseminating bid information
  • Compliance tracking in meeting government regulations and customer requirements
  • Record keeping of hired certified sub-contractors
  • Reconciliations of expense accounts for meeting budget goals


In 2021, we completed the development of a full logistics support plan for passenger and baggage trials, familiarization training, and the software development of a terminal occupants training sign-up and registration system, all for the pre-launch of the New Terminal One at the Newark Internation Airport, which was assessed by Germany's Munich Airport project owners.

In 2019, we completed a five-month training program with MBDI ( in which we learned from industry professionals about general contracting-specific topics, such as insurance and bonding, estimating, QuickBooks accounting, bid preparation, contract law, as well as how to increase construction opportunities, productivity, and future profitability. From this experience, we gained a greater understanding of construction industry needs and challenges. We have combined this learning experience with our project management expertise to provide professional support services for the construction industry.