Product Items

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have partnered with a US-based company to provide many of the PPE items needed for the medical and other industries during this time ( namely, Level 1 Surgical Masks, Nitrile Examination Gloves, Hand Sanitizers. Bottles (Cases), Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, and Trash Bags).  Our partner is a US-based company that has existed for over 10 years, and all of their PPE items are FDA certified.  Contact us to inquire and/or to make a purchase order, or call our main office at 973-374-6637.

Also, Global Organization and Planning Services offers a wide range of customized promotional items that are not yet available online — from T-shirts, pens, bags, presentation folders, invitations, cards, mugs, and more. Contact us to inquire, or call our main office at 973-374-6637.